Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Want a painless tartar removal? Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is your answer.
Guided biofilm therapy (GBT) denotes a method of biofilm management inclusive of the use of EMS Air-Flow technology. The method refers to the intentional removal of biofilm as a definitive procedure with low-abrasive powders in an air polishing device, and it is performed prior to the instrumentation of hard deposits.

Firstly, is it worth knowing what a biofilm is?

Biofilm can also be responsible for 80 percent of infections in our bodies, not only in dental areas, but in any other area. Biofilm is a bacterial community that forms a contingent coating on the tooth, deep in the gums, or on prosthetics or implants. The special appearance of bacteria, they are much more resistant to conventional treatments. Microbes living in biofilm physiologically differ from the free-floating state of the same species per cell. Biofilm is found not only on the tooth, but unfortunately on the digestive tract as a whole and in the blood vessels.
Because they are compressed and cooperated, it is much more difficult to destroy as if they were individual cells because drugs are very difficult to penetrate into biofilm.

Why use directed biofilm therapy?

Since biofilm is one of the main causes of tooth decay, periodontal inflammation and infections around implants, it is a plaque, tartar, deposition, which is very difficult to remove. other parts of the body, such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, arthritis, or diabetes.

What is guided biofilm therapy?

It's the latest reimagined form of tartar removal, like the traditional procedure. Why do you have to regrind all surfaces of everything with the ultrasonic device, which is loud and unpleasant? Isn't it better to use it individually only where humane methods fail?

Modern oral hygiene, safe and painless

The first step is to paint the biofilm, and then use AIRFLOW to blow off the teeth, which guarantees the targeted, gentle removal of the biofilm.
This is followed by ultrasonic removal of the remaining fossilized plaque. This approach brings several additional benefits, including short treatment times and maximum comfort for both dental hygienist and patient.
With guided biofilm therapy, we can finally perform professional biofilm management efficiently, gently, safely, quickly, comfortably and mostly all this is done without pain.


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