Insurance / direct billing

Insurance / direct billing

Insurance policies are made between patients or/and healthcare providers and insurance companies.

Our goal at Smile & Teeth Dental is to have our own agreement with most insurance companies Worldwide, in order to be able to provide cashless service to our clients by sending their invoices directly to their insurance company as a courtesy.

Please note, that your contract with your insurance company is not a guarantee of payment in each insurance case. Patients are liable for charges not covered by their insurance plan.

We kindly advise to call your insurance company or provider in advance to your visit to check your eligibility on requested / necessary dental services.

In the event of starting a new insurance year, your insurance contract may be changed.

Follow up with your employer is advised.

Direct billing procedure is as follows:

1: We always request for an insurance card or proof of insurance from the insured in order to check patient eligibility with their insurance company. (Alternatively patients may request guarantee of payment from their insurance company.)

2: Some insurance companies require their own claim form to be filled, and sent along with the invoice after your visit, which we gladly do on your behalf, we only ask our patients to sign their claim form after their dental visit.

3: Your invoice will be submitted according to the guarantee of payment we receive from your insurance company, all fees not covered by your insurance plan, need to be settled by the patient after their dental visit (co-insurance, deductible, policy exclusions, limitations… etc.).

In case we would not receive the requested guarantee letter from your insurance by the end of treatment, we may request patients to pay their invoice(s) and claim it back from their insurance company.

We are happy to cooperate with each insurance company even if we do not have our agreement yet, in order to provide cashless service to our clients depending on their insurance plan.

If you’d like to make sure we accept your insurance at our dental facility, or how our insurance procedure works, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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