Painless Oral Surgery

Painless Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a dynamically developing branch of dentistry, since from simpler cases to implantation, professional conferences have introduced a number of new procedures that our specialists have taken over and incorporated into our daily routine.
Our 25-year-old practice is carried out by our internationally recognized and highly experienced doctors.
Even before oral surgery, we take digital panoramic or 3D CT scans so that our doctors can diagnose and treat you most accurately.
We will discuss possible interventions with you through your first free consultation.
If you agree with our therapeutic plan, you will receive full written and oral information about the treatment.

Our surgical procedures offer a wide range of oral surgery:

  • Removing severely broken-down teeth, root tips or teeth with long-curved roots, orthodontic treatment or implantation)
  • Surgical removal of wisdom teeth.
  • Removal of cyst (hollow lesion filled with fluid or soft material, which can lead to the destruction of surrounding tissues and displacement of adjacent teeth, in many cases painless, only detected by RTG)
  • Removal, drainage of an abscess (painful purulent foci formed at the root of the tooth)
  • Bone replacement (with own tissues or bone replacement)
  • Sinus lift (sinus lift, open or closed)
  • Oral mucosal corrections (cleft lip, short lingual frenulum (tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth)
  • Implantation
  • You can request our painless dental treatments:

All three procedures are completely safe and guaranteed to be painless.

  • By injection under local anaesthesia (the injected area is also anaesthetised)
  • Twilight Anaesthesia (Anesthetise with special gas and/or tablets)
  • Intra venous sedation
  • Sleep Dentistry (General anaesthesia)

In order to shorten the recovery time after our surgeries, do take the following advice!


  • Reduce smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption, if you can, leave it!
  • Take your meds as you discussed with your doctor.
  • Ensure thorough oral hygiene if necessary, remove your teeth to reduce the number of oral bacteria and cure complaints.
  • If necessary, arrange for an escort. (may be weak, intoxicated after surgery)


What not to do:

  • Until the anaesthetic wears off, do not eat or drink.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol, coffee or milk.
  • Beware of any heavy physical and strenuous work.
  • Sauna and Thermal baths not recommended!
  • If you have a sutured scar, don't poke it, don't try to pull it out.
  • Do not rinse your mouth on the day of treatment, use a toothbrush with a soft bristle from the next day.
  • Avoid the tongue irritating the treated sight, don't rinse it.
  • Avoid blowing your nose.
  • Seeded and “crunchy” dishes should be avoided!


Take the doctor's prescribed antibiotics as agreed and for the required period of time.
If necessary, you can take the painkillers recommended by your doctor!
To relieve any pain, you can use ice gel, other compresses for cooling!
Follow the basic oral hygiene protocol.
Move and exercise your jaw if you experience stiffness in the jaw joint.

If you do have a complaint despite all of the above, please call us for an emergency appointment as soon as possible.


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