Teeth Fillings

Why do I need to fill my teeth?

The purpose of fillings is to remove the decay and restore your tooth to its full usage. Removing the decay prevents the cavity from getting bigger and will help prevent the tooth from needing either extraction or root canal treatment if the decay reached the pulp of the tooth.

What happens if I do not get my decayed teeth filled?

If left untreated, the decay in your tooth will become bigger and deeper, and eventually reach the nerves of the tooth and start causing pain. Once it has reached this stage, your tooth can no longer be filled and will need to be root canal treated or extracted.

Smile & Teeth Dental has amalgam free filling options

If you have existing amalgam (metal) fillings, we can remove these and replace them with a completely safe and aesthetically pleasing modern alternative. This is especially important for pregnant women and young children as they are more susceptible to the health risks associated with amalgam fillings.

The filling technique we use completely seals the void created by dental decay, protecting the tooth from further damage. Both porcelain and composite resin restorations are tooth coloured and can be colour matched to correlate with the exact colour of your natural tooth. This creates an aesthetically pleasing and seamless result.

How is the filling prepared?

X-ray - In each case, we first take a dental panoramic X-ray to get a complete picture of our patient's teeth.

Removal of caries – After the anaesthetic injection acts the carious parts with diamond head grinder is removed by the dentist. We have state-of-the-art dental machines, so it won't take long. It doesn't hurt, but the vibration and sound can be unpleasant. Removal of the soft decayed part can also cause unpleasant odour. Then we use a ball drill to clean the affected part.

Disinfection - After removal of caries, it is necessary to get rid of bacteria chemically.

Filling preparation - completely smooth tooth surfaces are treated with acid to etch the surface so that the filling material can stick.

Tooth filling can be several types, the doctor decides what is needed in the case of:

Composite filling, tooth-coloured plastic 

The most common stuffing is light-binding plastic. Aesthetically pleasing, in general, is used by all dentists. Downside. That he could make a love for the tooth next to it.

Glass ionomer
Glass ionomer cement is an intelligent, non-metallic material. Recommended for tooth-neck fillings in milk teeth. It has excellent fabric-friendly properties.

A substance that helps to replace Dentin, promotes dentin formation. Deep caries that almost affect the nerve. The material helps prevent root canal treatment.

At Smile and Teeth Dental - we guarantee the fillings for 2 years.
Save your teeth in time with our innovative tooth filling treatments and the expertise of our specialists.


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