Dr. Laszlo Koronczay D.M.D.

Chief physician, Implant Foundation Teacher

Education: Semmelweis University Budapest, Doctor of dental medicine, forsenic expert
Specialization: restorative dentistry and implantology
Experience: 25 years
Spoken languages: English, German,  Hungarian

Dr. Zoltán PATONAI D.M.D. M.S.C

general dentist, dentoalveolar surgeon

Education: Faculty of Dentistry – University of Debrecen
Specialization: implantology, dental surgery
Experience: 8 years
Spoken languages: English, Hungarian

Dr. Éva Szánthó D.M.D.

General dentist

Education: University of Medicine and Pharmacy Târgu Mureș, Semmelweis University Budapest
Specialization: Aesthetic dentistry, Prosthodontics, endodontics
Experience: 18 years
Spoken languages: English, German, French, Romanian, Hungarian

Dr. Hye-Won Jeon D.M.D. M.S.C.

General dentist  
Master of Science in Implantology and Dental Surgery (Münster)

Education: Semmelweis University Budapest, Doctor of dental medicine, Master of  

Specialization: Prosthodontics, aesthetic dentistry
Experience: 6 years
Spoken languages: English, Korean, German

Dr. Toth Daniel D.M.D.

General dentist, maxillofacial surgeon
Education: Faculty of Dentistry – University of Debrecen
Specialization: Dental surgery, prosthetics
Experience: 4 years
Spoken languages:
 English, Hungarian

Csikos melinda

Healthcare Account Manager

Raschella Nicoletta

dental hygienist

toth aliz

dental hygienist

Dudas agnes


biro maria


kristinus dora


lengyel eva


nemeti agnes


karacsony zita

Back office

Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

Every person and smile are unique, which means that their dental care should be wholeheartedly unique as well. Our dentists take their time during every appointment to fully understand the patient’s reason for visiting and their personal goals. With a comprehensive variety of services available, we will be able to formulate a 100% customized treatment plant that not only meets their needs but exceeds their expectations.

We provide quality and immediate dental services in a friendly and hygienic environment. Our dentist offers a variety of dental treatment including implants, cleaning, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, wisdom tooth removal and fixed dentures. We offer a friendly and warm atmosphere where you and your family can relax while awaiting consultation. We believe in prevention and education so that you can have the best oral healthcare.


One of the things that makes our practice different from others is the fact that we handle much of our own dental lab work. This is in stark contrast to other practitioners who outsource a large majority of their dental lab services. This enables our practices to control the quality of the lab work provided to our patients all in swift time. Also, being able to communicate throughout the entire process of fabrication and fitting is critical when striving for the best clinical results possible. Our laboratory gives us an edge to achieve the results you will come to expect.