Dental Implants For A Confident Smile

Life-changing solution

Many of us suffer from losing teeth. Dental implants provide a solution for this problem. Are you missing one or more teeth? With dental implants natural, healthy teeth do not have to be compromised in the procedure. At Smile & Teeth Dental we are offering you fast and reliable implants  to immediately restore your smile.

We use the Nobel Biocare No1. implant system, which provides you with beautiful and natural aesthetics while delivering a premium-category, high-quality solution.The implants are made from titanium and have a special trioval form for excellent primer stability as they can ossify as quickly as possible.

When you do not have enough bone – or none at all – but your teeth need to be fixed quickly, we have the ‘Ihde Dentals Strategic Implantology’ and the basal implants. These implants have an extremely smooth surface to prevent bacteria colonization, and are inserted according to the special rules and strategic positions developed by Prof. Stefan Ihde.  The main advantage is that they can be used in almost all cases.

And of course our clinic can perform conventional bone grafting as well. To accelerate the process of building up bone, we use state-of-the-art  ‘bone matrix gelatin’ and platelet-rich fibrin derivatives made from your own blood. Though bone grafting is widely known as a solution that delivers great, longstanding results, the whole procedure can take up to 1 – 2 years before you can fully enjoy your new teeth.

Advantages of premium tooth implants:

  • Provides lifelong solution
  • Aesthetically the best tooth replacement
  • They seamlessly blend in (in appearance and feel) with your existing teeth
  • A reliable and successful method for over 40 years

Immediate implantation, tooth replacement

  • Immediate-load dental implants are easy to insert. Only a minor surgical intervention is required for tooth implantation. There is no need for big cuts, deep wounds and stitches. In our clinic, tooth implantation can even be performed under conscious sedation or anesthesia.
  • Thanks to immediate load implantation, you can articulate smoothly and smile confidently, while the implants provide comfort around the clock. They function like real teeth. So you will be able to eat your favorite foods just like before!
  • Tooth implantation can take place at the same time as teeth are extracted.
  • Helps prevent the loss of further teeth as the immediate replacement prevents the teeth from shifting and consequently, bite distortion as well.
    Provides aesthetic tooth replacement.
  • 90% of people qualify for immediate load implants.
  • It is a “minimally invasive” intervention. It can be applied to toothless gaps without incisions or stitches. Immediate loading implantation is one of the leading solutions for a completely painless implantation procedure.

You can enjoy your social life again and you don’t have to worry about dentures shifting while chewing!


Early loading (ie can be loaded immediately) does not mean that the implant is ossified. It is not possible to speed up the 3 to 6 month “ossification period” during which the surface of the implant and the surrounding bone tissue connects. However, immediate loading implants can ensure excellent mechanical stability (primary stability) for their shape and surface already after implantation!


If you do not have any untreated chronic illness, or if you have never been treated for osteoporosis with Bisphosphonate, you are most likely a good candidate for tooth implants.

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During the consultation and check-up with our specialists, a CT scan is taken hence a comprehensive picture will be available of your oral health. Then, a personalized treatment plan will be discussed.

Throughout the years, our specialists have successfully placed more than 20.000 dental implants.

Outstanding expertise, experience, and premium implants await our future Patients.



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