Painless root canal treatment

Painless Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth, and save the natural, existing tooth. Most people who undergo root canal treatments can expect a functional tooth after the treatment and it usually lasts as long as your other teeth if you maintain good oral hygiene.

How is a Root Canal Treatment done?

  1. Remove any decay or infection – his includes old fillings, pus, infected nerve tissues, or tooth decay
  2. The canal will need to be shaped and cleaned in order to remove any residual bacteria. The shaping process will involve small instruments, special disinfectors and medications which will be placed in the canal within the tooth root to smoothen and remove any irregularities and infection.
  3. The next process includes filling the canals. This is done to prevent bacteria from re-infecting the empty canals after they are permanently sealed with a long-lasting barrier material.
  4. And finally, forming a functional tooth again with a well-sealed restoration (such as a crown) and to make sure bacteria from the oral cavity will not enter into the root canals.

The success rate of root treatments is 90%.

In order to effectively complete treatment, precision and a high level of expertise are needed. The root-treated tooth should be taken care of with good oral hygiene, proper brushing, and regular tartar removal. It is important to know that a crown must be made for root-treated teeth so that the tooth can serve for a long time.



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