Welcome to our junior dental

Why choose our team and clinic?

Because our brand-new, specialized and equipped clinic with our dedicated team of professional dentists! The significance of private child-friendly dental clinics is continuously growing because children can be very sensitive. If they are exposed to generic treatment, overworked doctors, outdated clinics they could form lifelong negative experiences associated with the dentist.

We established the child and youth dental clinic for the purpose of providing a comforting, child-friendly environment to care for our youngest patients.

Not to mention the lack of modern tools and materials and in some cases when they send you off for an x-ray it could take an extra day.

We try to serve children’s, adult’s and wallet’s need alike to the best of our ability.

One important expectation from young people and teenagers could be invisible braces which increase confidence. Some people can become very introverted due to the very obvious metal braces; they can also cause difficulty in communicating and consequently trouble making friends. This behavior could even stick with them into older ages.

Dentistry for children requires a lot more care and empathy than you would think. This is when we can lay the grounds for avoiding more serious issues and treatment when they get older.

If a child visits the dentist regularly from the start and is exposed to their clinic and tools, they can have positive experiences allowing them to avoid negative feelings later on.

Of course, the basis of everything is proper tooth and mouth care. If a child learns how to properly brush their teeth and it becomes part of their daily routine, then it will be easier to avoid cavities in the future. The question of what someone’s teeth will look like in adulthood is not up to miracles, but rather dutiful mouth care. 

That is why we provide a service for children at a young age (from even 1.5 to 2 years old) of getting them used to doctors, clinics, tools, and a light exam in a friendly and playful manner. For more serious cases like braces-requirements or incorrect swallowing or biting habits, we begin treatment for children at a young age. Children react to this treatment with joy and curiosity.

What we can offer for both younger and older people:

  • We are patient and focus all our energy on a positive experience.
  • We teach them to properly brush their teeth.
  • We create a stress-free environment with a huge aquarium with colorful fish that distract from occasional stress and soothe children. 
  • And not in the least, expert knowledge so that your children can live with healthy and whole teeth with a beautiful smile.



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