X ray and CT


Dental 3D CT scans have great importance for implantation, root canal treatment, orthodontics, and periodontal diseases.

CT scan is a three-dimensional X-ray in digital form, developed for examination of teeth and jaw bone. We take the shots at a low dose of radiation, so you don’t have to be afraid of the examination.

Before implantation, it is very important that your doctor can see the thickness of the bone, where and at what angle the implant should be placed. CT scans can be used to analyse the sinus, mucous membrane and facial nerve, etc in three dimensions. Precise measurements are made by your dentist in order to select the type and size of the implants before surgery.

Do you have wisdom teeth under the gums?

In many cases, wisdom teeth below the gum cause inflammation, and their growth in the wrong direction causes congestion of the other teeth. In some cases, it is essential to remove these teeth. From the CT scan, your doctor will find out exactly how far the jaw nerves run from the tooth. This allows to plan a safe process of removing wisdom tooth.

Do you have unerupted teeth?

Sometimes an unerupted tooth can be caused by a cyst, which can be located at the tip of the tooth or between the teeth under the gums. Pathological lesions between teeth can be analysed by taking a CT scan, i.e. conduct a survey. Then set up the right treatment plan.

Do you have a complaint about your root-treated tooth?

CT-scan gives a 3 dimensions image of you vs the panoramic x-ray a 2 dimension. With CT scan we can explore the hidden root canal of the tooth, which may have been untreated.



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