Lumineers: the no-prep dental veneers

The perfect, confident smile begins here.

The ultrathin no-prep veneers improve the appearance of discolored teeth, fill in gaps, or cover up cracks or chips of the teeth. These veneers will provide you permanently bright white teeth. For Lumineers to be implemented, we do not have to file or grind your existing teeth which is a major benefit.

It really does not matter if your teeth are not aligned, or if you have chipped or discoloured teeth. Lumineers will help you to have a beautiful smile. Your new smile can be ready after only two or three visits to the dentist.

No anesthesia is needed as the dentist is not removing enamel from the tooth.

The Lumineers are thinner than a contact lens (0,33mm). At the same time, they are extremely strong. They give you the best aesthetic smile possible. While the veneers are under preparation, no temporary teeth are needed as your teeth do not have to be filedteeth are not grinded.

These veneers are made of the highest quality possible in Lichtenstein. It is clinically proven that lumineers can last for up to 20 years.

After placing the veneers you will not feel any sensitivity or pain. Your teeth will have a natural, bright look from the beginning.



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