dental bridge

Traditional Dental Bridge or Roundhouse bridge? We’ll help you find the best solution

A dental bridge procedure can come into play when one or more teeth are missing. To replace those teeth, the neighboring teeth are ground down and are used as pillars to support the missing portion. A bridge is made up of a series of crowns and allows you to chew and eat fully.

What is the roundhouse bridge made of and how long does it take?


Full roundhouse crown dental bridges can be made of several materials. For example, here at Smile and Teeth, we make full roundhouse crown bridges from zircon as well as metal ceramic and pressed ceramic. Bridges can be supported by a polished tooth or an implant.

A dental technician plays a very important role in the design. The color, surface and shape of your beautiful smile strongly depend on them. The best case scenario is if the dental clinic also has a dental laboratory on-site.

The preparatory work and procedure can be completed much faster if these two parties can communicate locally. The technician’s task is performed with precision machines to create the best possible production.

An important step of the process is the trial, when the bridge that was produced is fitted in the patient’s mouth without gluing, in the place of the missing teeth. If the piece feels comfortable for the patient and the dentist doesn’t see anything wrong, then it can be bonded. Soon enough, it will start to feel natural in your mouth and you’ll be able to smile and eat with ease.

Regarding circular dental bridges, whether it is located at the bottom and/or top, it is on the entire arch. It is made up of a series of crowns consisting of 12, 13, or 14 members, depending on the size of the arch. The circular bridge fits securely in such a way that only a dentist can remove it. So you don’t have to be afraid, as in the case of removable dentures, that it could suddenly fall out.

The circular bridge is made of the same materials as the single or multi-member bridge. It can be only lower or upper separately, but the most beautiful smile is when it has a uniform beautiful shape and color.

How many teeth are needed for a full roundhouse dental crown bridge?

A bridge can also be placed on implants instead of existing teeth. If there are a lot of missing teeth, or if the existing ones cannot be loaded, then it may be more profitable in the long run to extract those few teeth – which in this case are not healthy anyway – and replace them with implants. In this way, you will have problem-free dentures for a lifetime. It often occurs that on the roots of weak teeth, you may have foci. 

In such cases, we strongly recommend replacing them with an implant. With traditional implants, it can happen that you have to undergo treatment and bone replacement that lasts for months – but there is already a faster solution, even for small bones! The Swiss IHDE implants hold excellent even in the case of less bone stock.

The manufacturer provides an eternal guarantee for the material of the implant. If the full roundhouse crown bridge rests on such implants, there is a greater chance that your smile will be beautiful, you will be comfortable chewing, and your breath will be fresh because there is no foci or inflammation.