So, are your holidays shaping up like mine this year: skipping the stress of travelling back to your hometown this year and instead staying in Budapest?
This year again, you’re probably siding with foregoing the costs, stress and tests of visiting home over the holidays.
So you may have to miss out on seeing your family this year…
But what about your local, childhood dentist?

Dentist abroad – Budapest

Have you ever been to a dentist here in Budapest?
Are you a bit nervous about calling up & making an appointment here?
I was just like you:

– Relatively healthy teeth
– Decent dental care
– And very connected and dependant on my hometown dentist

I didn’t need to go, so I didn’t. Yearly dental checkup. Of course, I think we all know that that is not the right approach to our health.
Regular checkups and consistent care is essential to sustainable & long-term health. Especially with our teeth.
Not only are annual cleanings key to great teeth, but what’s more, you don’t always feel or notice emerging damage.
A yearly cleaning and X-ray will spot any cavities forming and help to prevent worse decay and ensure less pain in treatment.
Of course, finding the right dentist for your yearly treatment isn’t so easy. I’m not sure how brave you are with your dental care, but I definitely always get nervous every time I’ve got a dentist appointment lined up.

Dental care now & for the long-term

Like I said, finding a dentist is not the easiest task.
I’m sure you have plenty of expectations that have to be fulfilled:

– Friendly, honest care and communication
– Precise and painless dental work
– Flexible scheduling that can accommodate your hectic life
– And of course, decent English-language communication

A premium clinic like Smile & Teeth Budapest delivers just that. We specialize in expat care which means English communications from everyone involved, a high-quality clinic and materials used, and help with any other aspect of care and follow up you may require.
So, whether you’re stuck here this Christmas season / New Years, or just looking for a reliable dentist, make an appointment while you still can!
Prioritize your health this 2022!
Call to make an appointment or send us an email.
Hope to see you soon!

Katica Katrina Hier, Expat from the USA living in Budapest

Hope to see you around!