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Company name: Hungarodentál Kft.
13906353-2-41 Company Number: 01-09-879258
Address: 1026 Budapest, Pasaréti út 57.


Hungarodentál Kft., 1026 Budapest Pasaréti út 57, company register no. 0109879258 (hereinafter referred to as Smile and Teeth Dental) and its client (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”)

(Smile and Teeth Dental and Client are referred to jointly as “Parties”, separately:)

In the absence of a written agreement between the Parties to the contrary (hereinafter referred to as the “Individual Agreement”), these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “TSA”) govern the medical, dental and other services provided by Smile and Teeth Dental to the Customer.

  1. Service 

1.1 Smile and Teeth Dental provides medical and dental services to the Customer (hereinafter referred to as the Services) under the Specific Contract. Smile and Teeth Dental declares that it has all the necessary authority to provide the Services.

  • Rights and obligations of the Parties

2.1. Smile and Teeth Dental undertakes to provide all of its Services professionally in accordance with applicable law and other professional regulations.

2.2. The place where the Service is provided is the Smile and Teeth Dental site, i.e. 1126 Budapest Pasaréti út 57 (hereinafter referred to as the Rendelő). The Smile and Teeth Dental can also provide surgical interventions at other locations than the above, at the premises of medical institutions with contractual relations with it. The location of the surgical interventions is selected by Smile and Teeth Dental according to the type of intervention and the client order. Smile and Teeth Dental is entitled to determine the location of the surgical procedures unilaterally and cannot and is not obliged to take into account the customer’s possible wishes. Smile and Teeth Dental provides the Services with the help of its medical staff and other contributors (hereinafter referred to as “Staff”). Smile and Teeth Dental is entitled to use subcontractors to fulfil all its contractual obligations, subject to the applicable law.

2.3. Smile and Teeth Dental receives the Customer at the Clinic at the time agreed in advance and provides the Service specifically defined by the Parties, for which Smile and Teeth Dental is entitled to remuneration. Unless otherwise provided in the Individual Agreement, or unless otherwise stated in the Agreement on the Provision of Services, a Specific Contract between the Parties is not concluded, the Customer shall pay the fee set out in the Annex to Smile and Teeth Dental for consideration of the relevant Service. Customer acknowledges that the fee for services beyond the consultation, the specificity of the service, the customer’s circumstances, the complexity and feasibility of the intervention, thus varies from person to person, so the exact amount of the service is always included in the Individual Contract.

2.4. Smile and Teeth Dental is obliged to inform the Customer in advance of the course of the treatments and procedures, its risks and possible complications. The general information is set out in Annex 1. The Customer certifies the completion of the information by filling in the anamnesis form and signing a separate consent form in special cases. In the event that the Customer does not accept the consent form, Smile and Teeth Dental may refuse to provide the Service without further justification. In the case of simpler interventions, oral information /agreement is sufficient.

2.5. The Client is obliged to attend the treatments and examinations at the previously agreed time. The Customer is obliged to notify Smile and Teeth Dental without delay if he is unable to appear at a pre-arranged time. This is free of charge in cases of force majeure, otherwise we reserve the right to charge a consultation fee corresponding to the duration of treatment if we cannot arrange a patient at that time.

2.6. If Smile and Teeth Dental is unable to provide the Service at a pre-arranged time for reasons beyond Smile and Teeth Dental control, it shall inform the Customer immediately and provide the Customer with a new date with the agreement of the Customer. In the latter case, the Customer shall not be entitled to any kind of compensation/compensation.

2.7. The Customer is obliged to appear in the appropriate physical and psychological state when using the Service, otherwise Smile and Teeth Dental is entitled to refuse to provide the Service.

2.8. The Customer agrees that Smile and Teeth Dental will carry out the necessary investigations to provide the Service and undertakes to cooperate fully with him or her in the conduct of the investigations.

2.9. When using the Service, the Customer is obliged to comply with the relevant laws and the operating order of Smile and Teeth Dental.

2.10. The Customer is obliged to cooperate with the Staff in the use of the Service to the best of his or her ability and knowledge.

2.10.1 inform them of all the necessary information necessary for the establishment of the disease, for the preparation of an appropriate treatment plan and for the conduct of interventions, in particular any previous illnesses, treatments, taking medicinal products or medicinal products, and risk factors for health;

2.10.2 to inform them, in the context of their own illness, of all that could endanger the lives or physical integrity of others, in particular infectious diseases and diseases and conditions which prevent them from carrying out an occupation;

2.10.3 to inform them of any legal declarations concerning health care which it has previously made;

2.10.4 comply with the provisions they have received from them in relation to the Service;

2.10.5 adhere to Smile and Teeth Dental policy;

2.10.6 to provide credible proof of your statutory personal data.

2.11. The Customer is obliged to complete the questionnaires prepared by Smile and Teeth Dental necessary for the professional and safe performance of the Service and to make the statutory declarations.

2.12. Smile and Teeth Dental shall be entitled, after examination by the Customer, to refuse to perform the Service, in particular if:

2.12.1. according to the results of the examination, treatment or intervention cannot be carried out due to the client’s medical inadequacy;

2.12.2. on the basis of the examination, it is established that the intervention requested by the Client is against the law or professional rule;

2.12.3 during the consultation or at any time later, according to the opinion of the consultant doctor, the Client is not fit to intervene due to his psychological condition.

2.13 Smile and Teeth Dental shall act at all times in the course of its activities, taking into account the interests of the Client, as far as possible in the circumstances, and with the care and care that can be expected of him.

2.14. Smile and Teeth Dental assumes no liability for any damages due to conduct impeachable to the Customer (e.g. breach of his obligation to work with each other, inaccurate follow-up of instructions).

  • Remuneration

3.1. The Customer is obliged to pay a Service Fee for the use of the Service. Smile and Teeth Dental is obliged to perform the treatment and intervention specified separately by the Parties only in the case of the full payment of the Service Fee.

3.2. In the case of surgical interventions, the Customer is obliged to pay Smile and Teeth Dental the service fee in full prior to the intervention, in accordance with the provisions of the Individual Contract.

3.3. In the case of treatment non-surgical procedures, the customer is obliged to pay the fees for each treatment, as defined in the Individual Contract, prior to treatment.

3.4. In the case of promotions announced by Smile and Teeth Dental, the special price is included at all times in the promotion or in the Individual Contract to be concluded in the framework of the promotion. The special price is only valid if the conditions announced in the promotion are met. If the Customer does not comply with the special conditions, Smile and Teeth Dental shall be entitled to a fee corresponding to the full price without promotion (basic price not reduced by a special discount), which the Customer is obliged to pay to Smile and Teeth Dental in advance before using the Service.

3.5. Smile and Teeth Dental may refuse to perform the Services until the full fee has been paid, unless otherwise agreed.

3.6. If, by agreement between the Parties, the Customer performs a prepay payment (Deposit) to Smile and Teeth Dental and the Customer is not obliged to refund the amount paid after the Deposit has been paid, the Customer will lose the Deposit paid.

3.7. In case of cancellation within 24 hours, Smile and Teeth Dental is entitled to invoice a late cancellation fee (contract fee) of HUF 20,000.

  • Responsibility

4.1. Smile and Teeth Dental shall be liable only for damage to its activities under the liability insurance applicable to its activities caused intentionally or through gross negligence by Smile and Teeth Dental, including staff, which are specifically and directly related to the provision of the service or the conduct of Smile and Teeth Dental, including staff.

4.2. In view of the possibility of special lesions, haemorrhages, scars of varying thickness, gum retracting, etc. due to the intervention requested by the Customer, in addition to the well-known risks of surgical or other interventions, Smile and Teeth Dental’s liability in this regard is excluded except as set out in point 4.1.

4.3. Smile and Teeth Dental will do its utility to achieve the desired effect and result, but Customer acknowledges that depending on the biological response capacity of the organism and the unforeseen risks, the expected result and final recovery time may differ from the average, due to which the Customer may not make any claim for compensation. Furthermore, since the assessment of the results of aesthetic interventions is highly influenced depending on the individual, Smile and Teeth Dental does not assume any financial or other liability in the event of a complaint of an aesthetic nature.

4.4. The Client acknowledges that the Staff involved in the intervention can only assume professional responsibility, i.e. he performs the intervention responsibly, with the utmost care and to the best of his knowledge, with the utmost care, care and care required by CLIV. tv. on Health at the 1997 Cliv. and provides the necessary control examination, aftercare, and correction at the agreed time.

4.5. Smile and Teeth Dental shall not be liable for any complications or other illnesses that result from the customer’s breach of this TSA or in the separate contract, in particular as set out in paragraph 2.9, or for not complying with the instructions, suggestions or advice given by the doctor or other person acting on behalf of Smile and Teeth Dental.

4.6. In the case of implantation interventions, Smile and Teeth Dental will act as prudently as possible in the procurement, selection and application of the implant in accordance with legal and professional requirements. In the case of these types of interventions, the Client acknowledges that the implantation is not a lifelong procedure, its duration depends on the type of implant, the surgical conditions and the individual predisposition and living conditions of the patient, so Smile and Teeth Dental assumes no responsibility for the consequences of the use of prostheses and implants, and for the impact of implants and prostheses on the body.

  • Complaint handling

5.1. Under current and applicable legislation, all patients who receive care from healthcare providers should be able to report and investigate grievances and complaints related to any stage of care.

5.2. Complaints about the patient’s current health care shall be reported in writing by the patient or his relative. The complaint shall include the patient’s general details, a textual description of the substance of the complaint, the relevant circumstances, the signature of the complainant patient or his relative.

5.3. The complaint may be lodged orally, but in such a case it must always be written in writing and signed by the patient or his relative. A complaint about the care can also be made to the patient legal representative, who, if necessary, will make a written complaint to Smile and Teeth Dental.

5.4. The name, reception time and contact details of the patient representative shall be suspended at the clinic. In the event of a notification, the Executive Director or the person appointed by him shall order an investigation to investigate the complaint within 5 working days. The staff member leading the investigation shall, during the investigation, hear the views of all persons concerned in connection with the complaint and examine and assess in detail all the circumstances surrounding the notification.

5.5. The staff member responsible for investigating the complaint shall conduct the investigation within 15 working days of the request and shall communicate the outcome of the investigation in writing to the Executive Director or to the person appointed by him.

5.6. The administrator or the person appointed by him shall consult with the legal representative in the complaint and in relation to the outcome of the investigation during the investigation or after the investigation, after which he shall take a final position on the matter concerned.

5.7. The administrator or the person appointed by him shall inform the complainant in writing of the outcome of the investigation within 30 days of the date of the complaint. Where the complainant and/or mediator of the complaint is the patient representative, the administrator or the person appointed by him shall inform the patient legal representative in writing of the outcome of the examination, in accordance with the procedural and time limits set out previously.

  • Data management

6.1 When the customer uses the website and fills in the additional document provided by Smile and Teeth Dental for signature, he also provides us with his personal data on the basis of his voluntary and explicit consent, by carrying out the registration.

6.2 Our Organization will process the personal data we have come to know for a purpose determined in accordance with data protection law and only to the extent and for the time necessary to achieve that purpose. The Customer’s data, which are generated in relation to the use of the services, will be transferred to the relevant specialist service provider, according to the purpose and content of the registration carried out voluntarily by the Customer.

6.3 The data provided by the Customer during the voluntary registration and modification of personal data, as well as the technical data generated automatically, are generated by the physical operator of Smile and Teeth Dental ‘s internet server. Personal Data will only be processed and transferred as specified here. Callnetz Gmbh. is a third-party service provider completely independent of the IT system of the website provider.

6.4 Personal data (i.e. data that may be associated with the customer’s identity) can be processed by the service provider in two ways: on the one hand, in connection with the maintenance of an internet connection, technical data (cookies) relating to the computer, browser, internet address, visited pages used by the customer are automatically generated in our computer system. On the other hand, when registering, the Customer may provide his name, contact details or other information if he contacts us personally during the treatments.

6.5 Questionnaires are designed to comply with the content and formalities of the relevant data protection legislation. In doing so, the service provider has endeavoured to ensure that the customer’s personal data is processed only to the extent necessary for the use of its services and in accordance with the customer’s instructions, while fully complying with the applicable legal provisions.

6.5 The technical and personal conditions of the processing and the procedure to be followed are defined in order to ensure that the processing is as safe as possible. Data is processed primarily by IT tools, partly manually and partly by machine recording.

6.6 The data generated shall be accessed only to the extent necessary for partners and service provider’s staff to comply with data protection laws and confidentiality, to perform their duties and to respond to the service, question or comment of the Customer.

6.7 If you wish to ask a customer a question or share your opinion with us, the email address to be used for the contact is as follows:

6.8 This information contains data protection information on the content and format of the Service Provider’s websites and questionnaires.

6.9 Service Provider in the processing of data and in the course of its data processing activities 679/2016 EU Regulation and the Freedom of Information Act 2011. It shall comply with the provisions of the 2014 (‘Info tv.’) and the General Data Protection Regulation, for short, the GDPR and the data protection practices established in the activities of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (‘NAIH’), comply with the requirements of the legislation in force and take into account major international recommendations relating to data protection.

6.10 The Service Provider shall inform the requesting user of who processes or processes the data in the case of the relevant request. Furthermore, we have arranged to ensure that the user’s personal data is changed at any time at the user’s written request or, as specified in his privacy policy, made portable and forgotten by the user as applicable. The deletion of the 1997 CLIV Act on health can take place in a harmonised way. This notice is related to the protection of our users’ personal data that is not intended to be disclosed. If someone discloses their personal data or part of it of their own will, such information is not covered by this information.

6.11 Basic information:

  • Address of data controller: Hungarodental Ltd.
  • Contact: tel.: 06-30-9503107
  • Legal basis of data processing: Act CXII of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information § 5(1)(a) Consent of the data subject.
  • Supervisory body for data protection matters: National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (NAIH,

6.11.1 Purpose of data collection: data required for medical/dental care.

  • Consent to data processing: The user expressly consents to the processing of his/her personal data voluntarily provided when registering.
  • Scope of data subjects: registered users
  • The scope of the data processed: the data provided by registered users during registration necessary for the use of the service.
  • processor: Callnetz GMBH
  • storage location: data controller’s servers
  • Duration of data processing: personal data stored electronically are only mandatory periods under the 1997 CLIV Act on Health.

6.11.2 Purpose of data collection: Invoicing

  • The legal basis for Nav’s legal obligation is Law C of 2000 on Accounting; Law CXXVII of 2007 on value added tax
  • Data Controller: Dupplak Kft. 10-09-030330
  • The number of persons involved: in the name of whom an invoice is issued
  • data processed: Name, address, type of benefit, amount paid. in some cases, Group Member IDs. (e.g. insurance towards health funds)
  • Data processing time: 9 years
  • storage location: data controller’s servers

6.11.3 Purpose of data collection: quality assurance, follow-up

  • Legal basis for processing: written consent
  • The range of subjects: those undergoing surgical or significant change in the procedure,
  • data processed: name, date, rtg. and photo recordings during intervention, personal image
  • data controller: Smile and Teeth Dental
  • data management location: Google Inc. Apple Inc. cloud based servers.
  • duration of processing: until consent is withdrawn.

6.11.4 Purpose of data collection: publication and scientific purpose

  • Legal basis for processing: written consent
  • The range of subjects: those undergoing surgical or significant change in the procedure,
  • data processed: date, rtg. and photo recordings made during intervention, in a way unsuitable for identification of a person.
  • data controller: Smile and Teeth Dental
  • data management location: Google Inc. Apple Inc. cloud based servers.
  • duration of processing: until consent is withdrawn.

6.11.5 Purpose of data collection: publication and provision of opinions with facial image and/or name.

  • Legal basis for processing: written consent
  • The range of persons concerned: who consents by writing
  • data processed: written opinion, personal image,
  • data controller: Smile and Teeth Dental
  • data management location: Google Inc. Apple Inc. cloud based servers. Smile and Teeth Dental ‘s web servers, Facebook.
  • duration of processing: until consent is withdrawn.

6.11.6 Purpose of data collection: property and personal security

  • Legal basis for treatment: personal appearance
  • Persons involved: those who appear in the area of the clinic.
  • data treated: date, location,
  • Data Controller: Smile and Teeth Dental
  • Data management location: Smile and Teeth Dental server.
  • Data processing duration: 3 days

You acknowledge that I have been acquainted with the Privacy Notice related to the use of and that you accept its content when you use it, and that you are aware that the law on the exercise of your rights in relation to data protection is as follows: Act CXII of 2011 on the right of information self-determination and freedom of information, and EU Regulation 2016/679 on general data protection regulation.

  • Scope of the AAA

7.1. This T&D generally governs all matters not expressly otherwise set out in the Individual Agreement with the Customer.

7.2. Smile and Teeth Dental reserves the right to modify this TSA. The amendment will be posted on Smile and Teeth Dental ‘s premises open to customer traffic and published on its website.

7.3. If certain provisions of this TSA or the Individual Agreement were or become invalid or unable, the validity or scope of the TSA or the rest of the Individual Agreement shall not be affected. In this case, the regulations which best comply with the will and objective of the Parties shall apply.

  • Final provisions

8.1. The Parties shall settle their dispute with this TSA amicably.

8.2. The Annexes are an integral part of this TSA.

8.3. Matters not covered by this GSA and the Specific Treaty shall be governed by the relevant provisions of Hungarian law, in particular the Civil Code and the 1997 CLIV Act on Health.

8.4. Smile and Teeth Dental ensures that customers can get to know this AGREEMENT before the legal relationship is established. The TSA is public and can be viewed and learnt by anyone.

8.5. This Agreement shall enter into force on 4 June 2018.

Almásy Edit

Budapest, October 1, 2020

  1. revised version
  2. Annex 1

1997 CLIV Act on Health: “Prior to the commencement of any invasive procedure, a patient must be provided with a written consent form or, if he is unable to do so, orally or by conduct that refers to it.”

Invasive is the procedure where a change in the patient’s body is induced or induced, in the case of dentistry, through the skin, mucous membranes, teeth.

According to the law, “the patient has the right to receive correct information”

You can read the information below

There is a risk of any medical intervention: and these risky procedures cause unexpected complications very rarely. It is used to minimise risk.

  • correct diagnosis, for which it is essential to use different diagnostic methods (periapical status recording, panoramic RTG, possibly CBCT)
  • if, prior to the first treatment, the PATIENT INFORMS THE DOCTOR of his general illnesses about his medication habits

Below are the risk factors that can occur despite maximum care.

During anaesthesia:

Drug hypersensitivity reaction, nerve injury (temporary feeling of recurrence) abnormally prolonged numbness, visual disturbance, double vision, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fainting blood pressure rise, haemorrhage in the face, swelling, tongue, face, lip bite, swallowing.

During tooth removal:

Neighbouring tooth injury, tooth fracture, nerve injury, prolonged bleeding (blood vein injury) opening of the sinus, prolonged wound healing, fracture of the jaw, joint sprain

When making tooth stuffing:

Damage to surrounding tissues, bleeding, sharp rotating instrument. Hypersensitivity to a filling agent, inflammation of the tooth and its consequences, transient tooth sensitivity

For root canals:

Detection of insufficient root canal for anatomical reasons, insufficient root filling, instrument breakage, overfilling of root filling material through the root canal pseudo-pathway, passage of washing fluid through the root canal, swallowing of a dilating device, hypersensitivity to filling material foci disease.

When preparing prosthesis:

Damage caused by a sharp rotating instrument, swallowing of imprint material, sensitization, and necrosis of the tooth during the completed prosthesis, as a result shortening of the delivery time of the prosthesis. Denture fracture due to abnormal functions.

The patient may withdraw his consent at any time, but withdrawal without good reason will entail reimbursement of the costs incurred under the law.

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Budapest, October 1, 2020



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