Dental Implants for a Confident Smile

Life-changing solution

Many of us suffer from tooth loss. Dental implants provide a solution for this problem. Are you missing one or or more teeth? With dental implants natural, healthy teeth do not not to be involved in the procedure. At Smile & Teeth Dental we are offering you premium, quality dental implants.

The Swiss-Swedish Nobel Biocare implant system offers a premium category and a high-quality solution. The implants are made of titanium, their surface is coated with a special material thus they can ossify as quickly as possible.

Advantages of the premium tooth implants:

  • Provides lifelong solution
  • Aesthetically the best tooth replacement
  • Patient feels them as own teeth
  • It’s been a reliable and successful method for 40 years

Are you suitable for dental implants?

If you do not have any chronic illness, haemophilia you are most likely a good candidate for tooth implants.

During the consultation and check-up with our specialists, CT scan is taken hence a comprehensive picture is available of your oral health. Personalised treatment plan will be given.

Our specialists successfully placed more than 200.000 dental implants. Outstanding expertise, experience and premium implants await our Patients.


IHDE one piece or 2 piece implants - HUF 217,500

NOBEL BIOCARE 2 phase implants - From HUF 275,500

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