Periodontal treatments

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease or also called gum disease is an infection of the surrounded tissue around the teeth. It can be caused due to smoking, lack of oral hygiene (tartar), alcohol, side effect of some drugs, having HIV/AIDS, leukaemia, etc. These are the main causes of loose teeth. It can be ‘silent’ in that you are not aware you have a problem until it is severe.



Regular check up at your dentist. Hygienic treatment every 6 month to get rid of the tartar and bacteria from your mouth. Of course brushing your teeth a day is mandatory in any cases. Floss! At least once a day floss your teeth as your toothbrush cannot reach every single gap.


Teeth Splinting

Teeth that have become loose because of lost gum tissue can benefit from a new technique called dental splinting which attaches weak teeth together, turning them into a single unit that is stable and stronger than the single teeth by themselves. This procedure is beneficial because it allows you to save your teeth. Additionally, splinting also reduces the pain that a very mobile tooth can cause.

The most logical way to treat the mobility once the active periodontal disease is under control would be to splint these mobile teeth. Various methods of splinting are employed by our Smile & Teeth Dental dentists. The most frequently used technique is to use orthodontic stainless-steel wire, bonded on to the inside surface of the teeth with composite which acts as a splint.


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